2 Easy Hair Care Tips for Ramadan 2 Easy Hair Care Tips for Ramadan

Ramadan benefits the body by giving it the chance to detoxify itself from damaging foods we consume throughout the year. However, loss of hydration can occur if we are not careful, which affects the condition of our skin and hair. A proper diet and frequent trips to the hairdressers at a trusted Hair salon will ensure your skin and hair look healthy throughout. ZARA’S SALON shares 2 easy hair care tips for Ramadan that keep your hair looking luscious this month! Read on to learn how they benefit you.

Add Nuts to Your Routine

Healthy foods like nuts, especially almonds and walnuts are rich with nutrients and vitamins. These foods always make it to the top of hair care tips because they work. They are laden with the goodness of Biotin, fatty acids and omega 3 that are sustenance for your hair. 

These make the hair strands strong from the inside and provide nourishment to the hair roots. Eating a handful for Sehri and Iftar will make your hair stronger and grow healthy. However don’t ignore oil from nuts and be sure to add them to your hair care routine too. 

ZARA’S SALON, a popular hair salon in Karachi provides exceptional hair care services to uplift the condition of your hair with Halal products. We recommend regular massages of almond oil to the roots at least twice a month as it is a super food for your scalp. 

Make Regular Trips to a Hair Salon

Hot weather and Ramadan don’t mix together when it comes to your hair.  Your body, especially hair needs hydration which is compromised during this month. Hair is hence expected to look dry, frizzy and dull. Making regular trips to the hair salon is a great way to restore hydration in your hair. 

Transformative hair salon treatments like Keratine treatment and glossing treatment coat every strand with a nourishing top coat. This adds bounce to the hair, making it look spectacularly shiny. These hair salon treatments also reduce frizz and dry spots.

Be sure to visit ZARA’S SALON, a trusted hair salon in Karachi for special hair treatments, Our hairdressers excels in transforming your hair with Halal products and Ramadan friendly services. They recommend at least one treatment a month in middle of Ramadan for shiny hair that lasts throughout the Eid season.

Final Thoughts

Ramadan is a busy time of the year when your hair is likely to get neglected amidst a busy schedule. Put the care of your hair in the hands of professional hairdressers your can trust. ZARA’S SALON, a hair salon in Karachi is elevating the hair care game this Ramadan with their Halal friendly services. 

We take you on a journey of best hair care at our hair salon, and give to access to some of the top hairdressers in the industry. Benefit from services like hair fall reducing, hair growing and shine restoring treatments. Book your visit at ZARA’S SALON this Ramadan, for the best hair of your dreams.

For hair care, book with us at: at 021-35360005 or 02134932029.

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